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We are a boutique tax firm serving U.S. taxpayers, businesses, and tech clients worldwide, from our office in Houston.

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With experience solving Tax issues for over 5 years, Estate planning since 8 years ago, International Finance since 2012 and Immigration since 2015, you will find it very easy to work with us no matter your situation and level.

Many of our clients consider us Brisk, Experienced, and Passionate; and rightfully so. Our excitement comes from their satisfaction.

Among our areas of specialty are business organization,  tax strategy, and estate planning. 

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Cavil Inwang Content Creator

As content creators who earn our income from Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, my wife and I know the struggles of trying to file taxes and explain our earnings to the IRS. That's why we were thrilled to discover Clarity Tax Law through Mfon Etukeren of Tax Talk With Mfon on social media! Mfon's how-to tax videos on Facebook and Instagram are essential for anyone in the content creation industry.

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