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Tax Law for Tech Entrepreneurs; Estate Planning, Immigration...

We help you to maximize your deductions and get clear on your taxes as a business. If you are in Tech, we pay special attention to you; even with those trying to set up in Texas, though we extend to the entire USA. Also, let us help manage Estate Planning for you as well as immigration for your family. 

Specific Services

Our legal services solve your clarity problems in Tax and Business setup as well as safety in Estate planning.


We help you maximize tax deductions as a business, not-for-profit, individual...



It can be very complicated to navigate your way through owning a business in the US. We simplify it for you.


What if you travel for long, or experience divorce or death, are your assets planned?

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We have been busy with Tax issues for over 5 years, Estate planning since 8 years ago, International Finance since 2012 and Immigration since 2015. 

We have a special solution for Tech Entrepreneurs and those keen on doing Business in Texas, USA.

We Offer Brisk & Experienced Service

What you need is experienced service that is also delivered in time. Welcome to Clarity Tax Law...

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    Cavil Inwang CEO

    As content creators who earn our income from Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, my wife and I know the struggles of trying to file taxes and explain our earnings to the IRS. That's why we were thrilled to discover Clarity Tax law through Mfon Etukeren of Tax Talk With Mfon on social media! Social Commentator

    I had my first meetings with Mfon. It was great. I was unaware that social media usage and business meal meetings could be utilized as tax deductions. Mfon is knowledgeable, passionate and personable, which I believe are excellent people skills. Pls utilize her service. She got you.

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