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7 Steps To Basic Estate Planning

Estate Planning

Before we discuss the steps to Estate Planning, you must first understand what Estate planning is. This is the process of designating who will receive your assets in the event of your death or incapacitation. Often done with guidance from an attorney, one goal is to ensure heirs and beneficiaries receive assets in a way […]

4 Entrepreneur Visas for Coming to the United States

Entrepreneur Visas for Coming to the United States

There are a good number of different visa categories for traveling to the United States of America. However, we are highlighting 4 of them in this article. Read and feel free to leave comments, questions and messages. Entrepreneur Visa #1: E2 Visa The E2 visa is a non-immigrant visa, but a great option for entrepreneurs. […]

IRS Announces Easier Tax Refunds

The IRS has announced that taxpayers who file their amended returns (Form 1040-X) electronically will now be able to select direct deposit for their refund. Waiting on your refund? For some taxpayers, it’s about to become a lot faster. E-Filed Amended Returns For years, filing an amended return has been a time-consuming process. Paper filing […]